MAD et LEN Pot Pourri Amber - Spirituelle
MAD et LEN Pot Pourri Amber - Nightsouk & Black Champaka

MAD et LEN Pot Pourri Amber

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MAD et LEN Lava Rock Pot Pourri Apothicaire 4.5" diameter x 3.75"H. Comes with 15ml scented oil bottle, recommended 1-2 drops every 4-6 weeks. Crafted in a small village near Grasse, France, our Mad et Len Potpourri is enchanting in both look and fragrance. They're scented using pure original perfume, carefully developed by a chemist using wood, spices, flowers and house made essential oils to create singular, intoxicating aromas.

Spirituelle: Picture windswept nights in the Arabian peninsula, where wanderers rest from long, perilously hot days of nomadic travel under the cooling glow of the stars. Crisp, iced mint tea is the beverage of choice, invigorating and purifying, and its distinct scent mixes on the still-warm desert wind with rich noble cypress. A scent of refreshment, depth, and adventure.

Cyprés De Max: Heady hand-blended scents come together in intoxicating perfumes, home fragrances, and scented candles, encased in wrought steel and enigmatic black apothecary bottles.

Terre Noire: A fragrance that features woody, soil, musky and mineral notes with a spicy undertone.

Graphite: A light fragrance that features paper, ink, pine soot, musky, camphorated and leathery notes.

Figue Noire: Pulpy, deep, fantastical. Scented Dusk Under A Wild Fig Tree

Night Souk: Transcended Vanilla, Incense, Patchouli

Black Champaka: Droplets of Champaka, Volute of Benjoin And Balmy Resins