MAD et LEN Pot Pourri Lava Rock
MAD et LEN Pot Pourri Lava Rock
MAD et LEN Lava Rock Potpourri Graphite Figue Noire

MAD et LEN Pot Pourri Lava Rock

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MAD et LEN Lava Rock Pot Pourri Apothicaire 4.5" diameter x 3.75"H. Comes with 15ml scented oil bottle, recommended 1-2 drops every 4-6 weeks. Crafted in a small village near Grasse, France, our Mad et Len Potpourri is enchanting in both look and fragrance. They're scented using pure original perfume, carefully developed by a chemist using wood, spices, flowers and house made essential oils to create singular, intoxicating aromas.

Terre Noire: A fragrance that features woody, soil, musky and mineral notes with a spicy undertone.

Graphite: A light fragrance that features paper, ink, pine soot, musky, camphorated and leathery notes.

Figue Noire: Pulpy, deep, fantastical. Scented Dusk Under A Wild Fig Tree